Skype add-ins keep you moving while on the go

Skype add-ins help you get more done inside a group chat. From keeping your contacts up on the latest news, to organizing a night out, or deciding on a recipe for dinner—Skype add-ins help you manage busy schedules. In addition, two new add-ins for Skype—TripAdvisor and StubHub—let you plan adventures and outings all within your group chats.

Add-ins for Skype are easy to use—just tap the Add to chat  button and select the add-in.

To share information to a group chat, tap the arrow displayed  on the lower-right side of the add-in card and then tap the Send button. Everyone in the chat will be able to open the card and view more details.

Here are just a few ways add-ins for Skype keep you moving while on the go.

News—Be the first to share trending stories to a group chat with the News add-in. You can even filter by topics such as Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Business, and Health to send top stories of your favorite news to your contacts. When you see a story you want to share, just tap the arrow and then tap Send. Contacts in your group chat can tap the News card to read the full story.

Bing Movies—Two Bing add-ins—Bing Movies and Bing Restaurants—let you seamlessly plan a dinner and movie with friends in a group chat. Use the Bing Movies add-in to search for current movies showing in your area—you can even filter by Genre. Once you find a movie, tap the arrow and then tap Send. Everyone in the chat will be able to open the card to see where the movie is showing, upcoming showtimes, and even purchase tickets using Fandango.

Bing Restaurants—With Bing Restaurants you can search for restaurants nearby or close to your event. Select Bing Restaurants, tap Map, and then navigate to your desired location. Further refine your search by tapping filters—such as Cuisine, Top Rated, and Open Late. Once you have set your preferences, just tap List to see all the restaurants matching your criteria. When you have decided on an option, tap the arrow and then tap Send. All the contacts in the chat can open the card and see additional information—including menus and reviews. They can even tap Call to make a reservation or tap Directions if needed.

Poll—Can’t decide on a restaurant or movie? Send out a quick poll for the group to vote on their top pick. Just tap the Poll add-in, enter a title, add the polling options, and then tap Create Poll. When your recipients open the poll, all they need to do is tap their preference and then tap Submit Vote.

Tenor—When you just want to have a little fun—add your own caption to a top trending GIF with the Tenor add-in. Just select the Tenor add-in, tap the GIF you want to send, and then add your own caption before sending to your group chat.

TripAdvisor and StubHub—Planning a weekend getaway or concert with friends is easy with two new add-ins for Skype—TripAdvisor and StubHub. Make travel plans or get tickets to an event without leaving your group chat! Read our recent blog post to learn more about how to use the TripAdvisor and StubHub add-ins to organize your next adventure with friends or family.

Try out these Skype add-ins—they’re a great way to get everyone involved and ready for new adventures. Skype add-ins are available on the latest versions of Skype for mobile and desktop, and will be coming soon to Skype for Windows 10. Visit Skype to learn more, or for quick answers, see our FAQs. And as always, please join us in the Skype Community.