Calling with Skype—place calls to anywhere, from any device

With Skype to Skype calling, you can place internet calls to friends and family who use Skype. But did you know that you can make calls to contacts who aren’t on Skype? Calling with Skype lets you make calls to landlines or mobiles—to anywhere, from any device or browser. Low cost calling plans—available for most countries—means you can talk more for less. Skype Number and the new Skype To Go lets you receive calls from landlines to your Skype. And with Skype Translator, language barriers are a thing of the past, as you can have calls translated into your preferred language.

Choosing a plan—subscription or Skype Credit?

To start making calls to a landline or mobile from Skype, you will need either a Skype subscription or Skype Credit. Choosing between a subscription or Skype Credit depends on your calling needs. If you know you’re going to be calling a certain country or region often, a subscription to cover your calls to that destination will save you money. In addition, certain plans—such as Skype World—includes Office 365 Personal at no additional cost. To explore subscriptions, visit Calling with Skype and enter the country you wish to place calls.

Skype Credit is the best option if you only occasionally make a call or if you call a different country each time. Visit Skype Credit to get started making calls around the world.

Place a call with Skype

Making a call with Skype is easy—just open your contact list, tap or click a name, and then tap or click the call icon. Alternatively, tap or click the phone pad, enter the number, and tap or click the call icon. To turn a chat into a call, click or tap the call icon in the chat box and Skype will place the call.

Get more from Skype calling with Skype Number and Skype To Go

With a Skype Number, friends and colleagues can call you from their mobile or landline—at local rates—and you can answer on any device with your Skype app. Skype Number—offered in 23 countries—includes voice messaging and Caller ID. Learn how you can save money with a Skype Number and answer calls on any device where you use Skype.

Skype To Go, our latest calling feature, supports placing and receiving international calls using your mobile or landline—no internet or calling plan is needed. Currently available in 24 countries, Skype To Go offers inexpensive international calling rates and plans. To learn more, visit Skype To Go support.

Translate calls made with Skype calling

Skype Translator’s integration with Skype calling lets you set up your call so it’s translated into your preferred language. When the person answers the call, they will hear a message that the call is being recorded and translated through Skype Translator, and then you can start talking. Visit Skype Translator support to learn more about getting started with Skype Translator.

Visit Skype support to learn how more about calling with Skype and start placing calls to landlines or mobiles. And, as always, Skype to Skype calling is available and included with your account.

Subscriptions exclude calls to special, premium, and non-geographic numbers. A fair usage policy applies to unlimited minutes’ subscriptions and Skype Credit. Microsoft Services Agreement applies. A connection fee applies to each call made with Skype Credit. Microsoft Services Agreement applies. A fair usage policy applies to all unlimited minutes subscriptions.