Communicate beyond the app with Skype Credit and subscriptions

One friend is taking a job transfer to Australia while another is on sabbatical traveling through Asia. You yourself might be considering a jaunt around the world, or just across the border. No matter who’s traveling or where they’re going, Skype makes it easy—and affordable—to stay in touch with your family and friends.

You’re probably familiar with Skype to Skype calling on desktop or mobile, but Skype offers more options for staying in touch. With Skype Credit or a Skype subscription, you can also communicate by making calls to landlines and mobile phones.*

Skype Credit is a convenient way to pay for Skype calls to mobiles and landlines. Using Skype Credit, you pay by the minute for calls to local and international numbers.** You only pay for the calls you make, and it’s easy to add more credit whenever you need it.

Skype CreditIf you make a lot of calls to a certain country or region, you might want to go with a Skype subscription. Subscriptions are for 1, 3, or 12-month duration and they let you make minute-limited or unlimited** calls to landlines, and mobiles where applicable, in selected countries.

Skype SubscriptionWhether your daughter’s studying abroad or you’re making an international sales trip, Skype can help you stay in touch with:

  • family and friends
  • your bank, doctor, or advisors
  • hotels, restaurants, and car rental companies and more!

Purchase Skype Credit, or Skype subscriptions, to get started with easier, more affordable communication today.

*Subscriptions exclude calls to special, premium and non-geographic numbers. A fair usage policy applies to unlimited minutes’ subscriptions and Skype Credit. Microsoft Services Agreement applies.

** A connection fee applies to each call made with Skype Credit. Microsoft Services Agreement applies.

*** A fair usage policy applies to all unlimited minutes subscriptions.