Call your Mother! (Over Skype)

For Mother’s Day one year, one of our colleagues, who lives 6,000 miles away from her family, decided to give her mom a tablet. Her siblings video called her via Skype on the tablet before placing it in the gift box, so that when Mom opened the gift her daughter was “there” to wish her a happy holiday!

This got us brainstorming how Skype can help take your long-distance Mother’s Day celebrations to the next level, and here are a few suggestions.

Have a favorite recipe you’d like Mom to show you how to cook? Why not ask her to prepare it over a video call? Or, conversely, show her you’ve been paying attention all these years and let her see how you make that beloved recipe for your own kids. The best part of this scenario: Mom won’t have to lift a finger to clean up the mess!

How about chatting with your siblings to decide which flower arrangements to send to Mom? For group video calls on the go, check out Skype for mobile.

Mother's DayIf your family is spread out across the globe, why not share a family meal together using group video calling? Just pick a time amenable to all of you and get together to celebrate.

Or how about watching a slideshow featuring pictures of Mom taken throughout her life with your family over screen sharing? Or sharing a compilation of everyone saying “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!,” or singing bits of her favorite song? All of this is doable with Skype.

Mother to a teenager away at college, Christina Kirk is the Dean/Founder of Prep “U”niversity, a program for empowering young ladies with the tools necessary to become successful. Christina makes it a point to check in almost every Sunday with her daughter Deja.

Mother's DayShe shared some tips with us for keeping in touch with kids (or your mom, hint hint) via Skype:

  1. Establish a set check-in time, so it becomes part of your routine.
  2. Don’t worry about the “perfect” setting. The best exchanges happen when you are in the midst of real life, not posed.
  3. You don’t really have to have something important to share in order to talk. Share your everyday life and conversations.

This year is their first Mother’s Day apart, so Christina will be connecting with Deja via Skype video calling for a virtual hug.

And last but not least, we’ve added a new set of fun emoticons and Mojis to help you celebrate Mom and the special women in your life this Mother’s Day. Just tap the emoticon icon next to the chat box on Skype, pick your favorite emoticon or Moji, and send a sweet message to your mom!

Mother's DayThis year, don’t let geographical distance keep you apart from your loved ones. Whatever you decide to do, we hope Skype can help make this Mother’s Day special. Happy Mother’s Day!