How to use Skype Translator when calling mobiles and landlines

A few week ago, we announced that users of Skype Preview on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update can now use Skype Translator when calling mobiles and landlines.* This opens up a whole lot of new communication opportunities across the globe and across cultures.

Let’s say you’ve booked a trip to Italy, or Brazil or any country that speaks one of the nine languages currently supported by Skype Translator: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Arabic, and Russian.

You have your flight tickets, your passport is ready, your bags are packed, your accommodations booked. Before heading out into the unknown, you suddenly want to triple check your accommodation reservation—but doubt the random few words you picked up from that travel book would be enough to carry out a conversation in a foreign language.

 Skype Translator to the rescue!

Here is how, in a few quick steps, you’ll be able to call a landline or mobile number of someone who speaks a completely different language than you and still understand each other:

  1. Open Skype Preview on our PC (Windows 10 Anniversary Update needed)
  2. Check that you have some Skype Credit (or a subscription). If you don’t, no worries: you can easily buy some here and who knows, it might also come in handy to call home during your trip.
  3. Select the dial pad, enter a phone number.
  4. Tap the Skype Translator option (next to the call button) and set the languages.
  5. Hit “call”. Once the person you’re calling answers, they’ll hear a short message letting them know that the call is being recorded and translated through Skype Translator.
  6. Start talking!

How to use Skype Translator when calling mobiles and landlines

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*Requires Skype Credit or a subscription to use. Learn more on