How to stay in touch with your pets on Skype

This post is brought to you by our PR intern Emma Ryan. Emma recently left her hometown of Dublin, Ireland, to join our team in London—leaving behind her human and canine families.

Nobody told me moving away would be easy, but I didn’t think the family members I would miss most would have four legs and a fluffy tail. Skype has helped me stay connected to my family 463 kilometers away but it has been difficult to stay connected to those who aren’t as tech savvy: my dogs! I have always wondered what my pets do when I leave the house: do they wait by the door pining? Do they even notice I’m gone?! By enabling a few settings and setting up my old laptop at home I can now call my dogs whenever and wherever I want, for free.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1

Create a new Skype account and log into it on the device that will stay with your pet (I use an old laptop in case my dogs knock it over in excitement) and add yourself as a contact on that account. Make your dog watching easier by downloading the latest version of Skype on both your and your pet’s devices.

Step 2

Ensure their device is plugged in and doesn’t automatically go on “sleep” mode after a few hours of inactivity. By having it plugged in it will keep the device on power with its display turned off until you call.

Step 3

Set Skype to auto-answer. You can do this by going to the Menu Bar> Tools>Options. Under the Calls tab, click Call settings> Show advanced option. Tick the boxes for “Answer incoming calls automatically” and “Start my video automatically when I am in a call” and save these changes. Now you don’t have to worry about your pet missing your calls again.

Skype auto-answer featureStep 4

Now that you have everything set up you should ensure you position the device in a good safe location, connected to a power source. Think of where your pet usually hangs out, maybe the sunny spot by the window or the comfy tile by the door, and angle the device to face that area.

Step 5

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