How to share your location with Skype for mobile

Video calling, voice calling, instant messaging or video messages… connecting people is our raison d’être. And lately you might have noticed yet another way to get connected with people that matter to you: location sharing.

Now you can boast about the location of your exotic vacation to your colleagues stuck back at the office, find each other during a first-time meeting, or tell your friends where the party’s at—sharing your location with Skype on mobile is easy.

Two quick steps to start:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Skype for mobile (Skype for iOS, Android and Windows Phone currently support location sharing)
  • Enable location services on your device

Then, open the chat (or group chat) you want to share your location with and hit the location icon.

Share your location on Skype for iOS

Media bar on Skype for iOS

Share your location on Skype for Android

Media bar on Skype for Android

Share your location on Skype for Windows Phone

Tap on the “+” in a chat on Skype for Windows Phone

Once Skype has located you, pinch and zoom the map to adjust the view of your current location, or drop a pin to select the location you want to meet at.

Hit the send arrow and your location will show up in the chat.

If you need directions to a location someone has shared with you, simply tap their message and send it to your phone’s maps app.

If you don’t see share location on your mobile, head over to our website to download the latest version of Skype.

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