Go global. Save on international calling with Skype

Whether your friends and family live halfway around the world, you need to touch base with a client or colleague in a far-off location, or you’ve got a big job interview across international borders, Skype can help you connect for less. So let’s take a deeper dive into our international calling options—and show you how easy it is to get connected virtually anywhere.

Skype "call" emoticon

Make free international calls with Skype-to-Skype calling

Wherever you’re calling, including internationally, if you’re making a Skype-to-Skype call, it’s free. And if you’re placing a Skype group call, it’s also free—no matter where the people in your group are calling from.

If the person, or people, you’re calling aren’t on Skype, just start a new chat and send them a unique link so they can join as guest from Skype for Web.

Give Skype Credit a try

If you occasionally call friends, family, clients and colleagues all over the world (aka, they’re not all in just one country), and they’re not on Skype, you can use Skype Credit to make affordable international calls to landlines and mobiles.

Our Pay As You Go program allows you to load your account with a specific amount of money (Skype Credit), then use your credit to call whoever you want, wherever you want. To find out how long your credit will last, be sure to check the international rates for the country you’re planning to call.

And if you’re worried about your credit running out in the middle of a call, select the auto top up option.

Get a Skype subscription

If most of the people you talk to regularly live in a single country, you can sign up for a subscription for that country—and save on the calls you make. We also offer an Unlimited World subscription—an international calling plan that lets you call those you know in dozens of countries for less. Intrigued? Try it for free for a month.

How to make international calls to mobile and landlines with Skype

When it comes to making cheap international calls—Skype makes it easy.

  • Sign into Skype and click on the “call phones” icon.
  • When the dial pad opens, click the country name above the dial pad, then use the drop-down list to select the country you want to make a call to.
  • Enter the number you want to call, then click the blue “call” button.

It all takes just seconds and is as easy as tapping a few buttons.

Whether you’re already a Skype user or you’re thinking of trying Skype for the first time, we make it easy to find Skype calling rates, details on making group calls, and more. And if you need help at any time, join us on the Skype Community.