Set yourself a Skype new year’s resolution

Ringing in a new year is often accompanied by traditions, some more serious than others. One of them might be champagne:

Skype emoticon

Another? New year’s resolutions! You’ve probably got a few “So, any new year’s resolutions?” over the past few days.

Of course the start of a new year isn’t the only time to set goals for yourself, but it might be a good opportunity to think about your new year’s To-Do list, and start afresh. If you need some ideas, here are some great ways to do more with Skype in 2016.

Have a conversation in a different language

With our goal of breaking down communication barriers, Skype Translator was a definite highlight for us in 2015. With friends and family often spread out across the globe, one is likely to share conversations with loved ones who speak different languages. So why not try out a Skype conversation in someone else’s language for a change?

Learn more about using Skype Translator on Skype for Windows desktop.

Create a Skype group for your study group, fantasy football league, knitting club…

Are you the ‘organizer’ in your group of friends – always planning the next party? Or maybe you have a hobby that you can talk about for hours on end. No matter what your passion might be, it’s great having a little corner of the web dedicated to it.

In 2015 we made it easier than ever to create and join Skype groups, even for people who haven’t used Skype before. Now when you create a new group, you’ll get a link to pass to your friends which lets them join with their Skype accounts or as guest users.

Share moments with Skype on your mobile

Whether it’s a photo, a file, your location, a video message, or a Moji – there’s a lot that you can share with Skype on your mobile. Hopefully 2016 will bring you a wealth of opportunities to put these features to the test, if you haven’t done so already.

We posted some tips about sharing with Skype for mobile devices on this blog recently which will help you nail this resolution.

Use Skype to help you with your other resolutions

If you’ve already come up with your 2016 resolutions, we’d love to try and help you fulfill them. For example, if you’re looking to learn a musical instrument in the new year, you might be able to get lessons from anywhere in the world over Skype.

Or if your new year’s resolution is to get fit, there are personal trainers who can get you doing exactly that in the comfort of your own home, and they’re only a Skype call away.

Whatever your 2016 resolution is, why not post it on the Skype Community and see if there’s a way to give it a boost with Skype?


No matter how you spend your 2016 we hope it’ll be filled with magical moments shared with those who mean the most to you.