Presents with a Skype theme

The holiday season is right around the corner, with all of the magic, joy and panicked last-minute present shopping that it brings. With just two short weeks left before the holidays, you might already be putting the bows on the last of your presents. If you’re still looking for inspiration though, we’ve got a few ideas for presents with a Skype theme to help you share this holiday season with your loved ones, near and far.


Bedtime books for grandparents and grandchildren

If you’ve got young ones running around the tree this year who are used to talking to grandma and grandpa on Skype, a book for story time over Skype could be the perfect present. We teamed up with some of our partners to bring you Simon The Saxophone-Playing Squid: a children’s book that can be read over Skype using the screen sharing feature.

If paper books are more up your alley, why not get two copies of the same book: one for grandma and grandpa and one to keep at home so that bedtime stories can become a whole-family activity.

Share a board game over Skype

Any kind of activity that you can share over a Skype call is going to make a long-distance relationship that much more tolerable. That’s why board games might be just the right gift this holiday season if your significant other will soon be departing for a far-flung destination.

Lots of classic games like chess, backgammon and checkers would work well on a Skype call, but your local board game store will have many more recommendations.

Skype Credit for that elusive relative

If you have any relatives you really don’t talk to enough outside of the holiday season, some Skype Credit could be a subtle hint for them to get on a call more frequently. It can also be used for forwarding Skype calls to your mobile when you don’t have an internet connection or connecting to Skype WiFi while traveling. A really versatile gift!

Give the gift of better quality Skype calls

If any of your Skype calls have ever started with the words “I can see you talking, but I can’t hear you!” then a headset would make a perfect present this holiday season. They’re usually quick to set up with Skype and you’ll get much better call quality than you would using a built-in microphone. You’ll find USB headsets at most well-stocked computer shops.

Let Skype share the photos from your shiny new camera

Recently we gave you some tips for using Skype on your phone to share just about anything. Well, if you’re putting a nice new camera under the tree for someone this year, those tips could really come in handy.

A lot of modern cameras have WiFi capabilities which allow you to transfer your photos to your mobile device. Combine that with Skype and you’ve got a quick and easy way to share your holiday snaps with your friends, even when you’re on the move.


Holidays are more fun when you spend them with others, but that doesn’t have to stop when December ends. The Skype Community is open all year round and is home to millions of Skype users who have registered to talk, help each other out and get more out of Skype.