Managing Your Skype Privacy Settings

Skype is made for having conversations with people you care about. It’s therefore important to know how to navigate your privacy settings.

Where do I change my privacy settings?

Device type Privacy settings location
Windows Tools > Options > Privacy > Show advanced options
Mac Skype > Preferences… > Privacy
Windows Phone Uses your privacy settings from the desktop version of Skype
iOS Uses your privacy settings from the desktop version of Skype
Android Menu button > Settings > Scroll down to Privacy settings

If you’re on Android you might have a physical menu button on your device. If not, the menu button is in the bottom right corner of Skype and looks like this:


Who can send me contact requests?

Anyone can request to add you as a contact on Skype, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them all!

If you choose to decline a contact request, you have the option to block them from sending any more requests and to report them for spam if they’re abusing Skype.

Skype contact

Who can send me instant messages and files?

You can choose whether you want to allow instant messages from people in your contact list only, or from anybody who uses Skype. This setting also controls who can send you files.

Note that people can personalize their contact requests on Skype if they need to give you more information. Personalized contact requests and instant messages can look similar, but the privacy setting for instant messages doesn’t change who can request to be your contact.

Who can call me?

Much like instant messages, you can choose whether you want to allow calls from anyone or restrict them to people in your contact list.

Even if you allow incoming calls from anyone on Skype, you can still restrict whose video you see on calls. In Skype for Windows desktop this option is labelled Automatically receive video and share screens with, and the options are:

  • anyone
  • people in my contact list only
  • no one

If you have a Skype Number, you can also separately control who can call you on it.

This covers the most important aspects of your privacy on Skype. There are one or two more options in the privacy tools area that we haven’t covered today, so if you have any questions then just hop over to the Skype Community to ask them.