A Few Helpful Bookmarks for Skype

There is a lot of helpful information out there on how to get the most out of Skype (including the one you’re currently reading – Skype Tips & Tricks) so we thought we’d give you a run-down of some of our favorite pages you might want to bookmark.

Chat commands and roles

These chat commands and roles are especially handy if you have a lot of group chats you need to stay on top of. You can use chat commands to manage members and notifications of a group, start calls, manage where you’re signed in to Skype from and lots more.

Skype rates

With Skype you can call mobiles and landlines around the world at great calling rates. Simply visit the link above and search for the country you’re interested in to find out about our pay as you go or subscription rates.

Skype Rates

Skype Community

Whether you’re looking for our latest news, a place to ask your questions or a chance to share your Skype expertise, there’s always something going on in the Community. For example, we just recently had a Q&A session with the team who work on subscriptions and Skype Numbers.

Skype emoticons

We’re really proud of our ever-growing collection of emoticons. You’ll find most of them in the emoticon tray in your Skype client, but there are a few hidden ones that you might not have seen before. The link above is a handy inventory of all our emoticons. And don’t forget to check out our (trex) care sheet to learn to care for the latest member of the Skype emoticon family!

Changing your Skype password

Staying safe online is everyone’s responsibility, and one way of doing it is to regularly change your passwords. It might be a hassle, but don’t forget the old adage “Better safe than sorry”. Bookmarking the page to change your Skype password will make it that much easier.

Skype for Web

With Skype for Web now available worldwide, you can make Skype calls and send instant messages directly from your browser even if the Skype app isn’t on your device. Having Skype for Web bookmarked means you won’t miss out on anything.

Skype for Web

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully you’ll find something here to help your day-to-day Skype experience. We’d love to hear which ones you find most helpful on the Skype Community.