Taking Skype with You on Your Vacation

No matter where you’ll be getting your much-needed R&R this year, Skype would love to come along! Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you get more out of Skype while traveling.

Use Skype for Web from any computer

If you need access to Skype while on the move, check out Skype for Web. Easy to use from anywhere, internet café, hotel, hostel, etc., Skype for Web allows you to sign in with your Skype ID and password directly from your browser without downloading the app.


Send a video message back home rather than a postcard

There’s nothing quite like a video message to capture the sights and sounds of your far-flung holiday destination. Send them with Skype for mobile in a few quick steps.

Learn more about sending video messages from your Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.

Get online with Skype WiFi and no hassle

If you’re a frequent traveler then you’ve probably tried using paid public WiFi networks. You might have had to buy a package of data or minutes without knowing how much you’ll need, trust them with your payment details… Worry no more! Skype WiFi, available at over 2 million WiFi hotspots worldwide, takes the hassle out of connecting to public networks and lets you pay with your Skype Credit—and only pay for the minutes you’re using.


Look out for our next Q&A event and get advice from the experts on using subscriptions and Skype Numbers this summer!

The next Q&A event with members of the Skype Team is coming up on July 23rd, and will focused on two Skype features that are really helpful when traveling.

  • Skype subscriptions are a great way to cut costs if you plan on calling landlines and mobiles a lot. You can select a subscription for a specific country or, if your loved ones are scattered around the globe, go for the Unlimited World option.
  • Skype Numbers allow you to create a local phone number in the country of your choice making it easier and cheaper for your local friends and family to call you.

To find out more about both of these features, join us in the Skype Community on July 23rd at 05:00 PM BST / 12:00 PM EDT / 09:00 AM PDT when members of the Skype team will be answering your questions live. Learn more about the Q&A event with the subscriptions and Skype Number team.

The best way to spend your summer vacation is with other people, which is what Skype is all about. If you’ve got a fun story about using Skype while you’re abroad, why not share it with u? We’d love to hear about it.