Summer with Skype Part 2: How to Make the Best of your College Break

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Yesterday we addressed how Moms can use Skype to manage summer scheduling and keep tabs on the whole family’s whereabouts. Today, we wanted to cover how college newbies, stuck on campus for their first summer away, can factor Skype into their daily haps for an equally awesome, on-the-go semester.

Hit the Books

Let’s say you’ve opted to take Organic Chemistry as an accelerated, summertime course. The pros: you’ll be that much closer to your intended degree. Cons: while you hit the books in the shaded, silent library, your pals are shotgunning cold ones at the beach. When you’re done with lab, trade your safety goggles for your fave suit, and call up the crew on Skype. Whatever shenanigans they’ve gotten themselves into, they can make sure you don’t miss out.

Please the Parents

Mom and Dad are a whole plane ticket away—and to be honest—sometimes you actually miss them. If there’s no shame to your street-cred game, by all means, get them and the whole homebound crew on a group video call. (Nothing like making fun of your little siblings face-to-face, eh?) For those looking for a subtler means of saying hi, IM and SMS messaging ensures a constant (or sporadic, if you so choose) communication line to loved ones.

Play the Game

Not everyone’s “summer break” consists of endless, sunshiny days. Whether it’s a random rainy forecast, or a colder, darker climate altogether, Skype and Skype for Xbox One can help facilitate indoor activities as well. Get your pals assembled online, and spend the afternoon gaming over cold brews and pizza. No matter how far the physical distance between your gang, group video calls allow everyone to partake.

Party Hop

Some of the best parts of campus life: the never-ending rotation of parties to attend, and people to chat up. When your posse is spilt between social agendas, Skype Qik can help keep everyone on the same page, and in the know. Create group chats, capture the hilarity and share the laughs. Whether or not your pals manage to reconvene at some point along the party-hoping path, none of you will miss out of the evening’s events.

However you spend your break, be it working, studying, gaming or partying (or some genius combo of them all), be sure to include Skype in your summer plans!