Getting up to speed with Skype for Xbox One

Skype is available on a wide variety of devices, so it can be a little difficult to keep you informed of every update for every device here on the Tips & Tricks blog. I’ve been particularly bad at keeping up with developments on Skype for Xbox One, which is a shame because the team have done some really great work since it launched.

Last week we released an update to Skype for Xbox One which is a great example of that work. So, with that in mind, today I’m going to look back at the past few releases of Skype for Xbox One and tell you a bit more about what’s changed.

Getting started has become easier

One of the reasons I haven’t talked too much about Skype for Xbox One here on the tips & tricks blog is the tutorial we added in one of the first releases. When you start up Skype for the first time on your Xbox One, these tutorials provide a series of helpful hints to guide you along the way.

If you have an Xbox One and haven’t tried Skype yet, give it a go! This helpful tutorial will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

Auto-zoom on calls has improved and you can change your profile picture with Kinect

The auto-zoom of Skype for Xbox One has always been one of my favorite features. From the moment I saw it demonstrated in London, I was impressed. So needless to say, I was surprised when the team told me that they improved it again in Skype 1.3 for Xbox One.

You can turn auto-zoom on or off by using your controller to select your video during a Skype call and tapping A.

Tip: Did you know you can also use your Kinect to take a new Skype profile picture?

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Snap is now better than it’s ever been

One of the great features of the Xbox One is the ability to run multiple apps side by side. Over the months we’ve seen how Skype has continued to grow in its use of this capability. First we released the ability to snap other apps to Skype, then we followed that up with the ability to snap to other apps.

With this latest release you can also answer calls while in snap mode so you don’t have to pause the action to take a call from mom. If you’d prefer your calls to go full screen by default, you can change that in the Skype settings.

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We keep improving things in the background

It’s not just all about the big stuff though, the team has also spent a lot of time and effort over recent months improving the little things. Most of our releases contain too many performance improvements to mention them individually. A prime example would be the reduced start-up time of the latest version – and that update was released last week.

To make sure you’re getting the best experience, be sure to keep Skype updated to the latest version. And don’t forget to update Skype on all of your devices to make sure you’re getting the most out of Skype.