Skype for Windows Phone with the least possible actions

After a pleasant two weeks spent pondering the nature of Skype and the location of Skype contacts, it’s time to get back down to earth with some step by step tips. Today I’d like to introduce Windows Phones to the Least Possible Actions series, but I’m going to do so with a twist. So far, in the series, I’ve focused on doing one action at a time. This time round I’m going to give all three core actions on Windows Phone a Least Possible Actions treatment. The core actions are: adding a contact, sending a message and making a call.


To use the method I describe for adding contacts, all you’ll need is Skype for Windows Phone pinned to Start.

To send a message or make a call using the method I describe, you’ll need to have the contact you want to message or call pinned to Start.

Method for adding a contact

  1. Open Skype by tapping the tile on Start
  2. Tap the menu icon.
  3. Select add people.
  4. Type the Skype name or email address of your contact and tap enter to search.
  5. Tap your contact in the results.
  6. Tap Add to contacts.
  7. Tap the button to send your request.

Other than step 1, all of these steps are shown here:

Method for sending a message

  1. Tap your contact’s tile on Start.

Contact tile

  1. Tap skype.

Contact screen

  1. Send your message.

Chat box

Method for starting a call

  1. Tap your contact’s tile on Start.
  2. Tap skype.
  3. Tap to start the call.

Call buttons


Now that I’ve done posts in this series for Windows on adding a contact, sending a message and starting a call, we can start to make some comparisons across devices. For example, starting a call and sending a message are equally simple on Windows and Windows Phone, but adding a contact requires one extra step on your phone.