Skype group screen sharing is free

Maybe this has happened to you. You’ve got a hilarious picture you’d like to show with your whole gang that’s just sitting there on your desktop. Or maybe you’re on a Skype call with your colleagues trying to explain a concept or show a calendar, and you’ve thought to yourself, I’d love to be able just to show them what I mean. With Skype group screen sharing, you can.

Nancy on Desktop

It used to be that you had to have a subscription to Skype Premium to share screens with two or more people. Not any more. If you’ve got the latest versions of Skype for Windows desktop or Skype for Mac group screen sharing is totally free. Here’s how to screen share with a group.

We hear from lots of our users about how useful screen sharing is, whether it’s providing tech support for family or clients, or language tutoring, or gaming. We know you like this feature a lot (I personally use it all the time), so it’s great to be able to offer free screen sharing for groups. Try it today and let us know what you think!