How to send a message with the least possible actions

It’s no secret that I consider the three core actions of Skype to be adding a contact, sending a message and making a call. Whenever a version of Skype gets a big update I always make sure to describe how to do those three things to get you settled in. But I jumped ahead of myself in the Least Possible Actions series and looked at file transfer before I described the quickest way to send a message.

Today I’m going to plug that gap with step by step details on how to send a Skype message with the least possible actions on Windows.


To use the method which I will describe shortly, you will need:


  1. Open Skype from your desktop or taskbar.
  2. Select your contact from your Favorites.


  1. Send your message.


Least possible actions to start a call on Windows: three.


You can also send a message in three steps with Skype for modern Windows using a very similar method to the one I described for the least possible actions to start a call. Instead of selecting Call Skype in step 2, simply select Send message Skype.

Modern windows

The requirements of the modern Windows method are slightly simpler, but I wanted to focus on Skype for Windows desktop this time around to mix things up a little.

Do you know a way to send a Skype message with less than three steps? Is there a task you’d like me to feature in the least possible actions series? Let me know below or in the Skype Community.