Get The Best of Skype on Xbox One

Welcome to the wonderful world of Skype on Xbox One. Whether you’re a movie fanatic, TV guru or elite gamer, you can now share your passion with your family and friends right in your living room.

So you can get the very best of Skype, we are offering six months of free group video calling and 100 minutes of calls per month to landlines and mobiles in over 50 countries*.

Am I eligible for this offer?

To be eligible for this offer you will need a Microsoft Account with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription on your Xbox One. If you share your Xbox Live Gold subscription with others, only the primary holder will be eligible for the offer.

This offer is only available in Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.

How do I activate the offer?

To activate the offer simply sign in to Skype on your Xbox One with your Microsoft Account. If you are eligible for the offer you will receive an invitation to activate it in Skype . You will need to sign in and activate this offer before June 30, 2014.

What do I get in the offer?

After activating the offer your account will be updated with the best of Skype’s premium experience for six months. This will allow you to make group video calls to up to three contacts from Skype on your Xbox One.

For those moments when your friends and family aren’t online you will also receive 100 minutes per month for calling landlines and mobiles in over 50 countries*.

You’ll also get access to live chat support and won’t see third party adverts in Skype for the duration of the offer.

How do I make a group video call?

Once you have activated the offer it’s simple to make a group video call to up to three of your friends with Skype on Xbox One.

If you want to create a new group:

  1. Select a contact from your recent, favorite or people lists who you want to include in the group.
  2. Select Add participants and use the contact list to add one or more people to your selection.
  3. Select Add and then Video call.

Tip: Save yourself having to hunt for the group in future by adding it to your favorites. On the group chat screen, open the group name or list of participants and select Add to favorites.

If you have created a group already:

  1. Select the group from your recent or favorite conversations.
  2. If needed, use Add participants to add more contacts to the group, or start the call by selecting Video call

Tip: You can add participants during the call by selecting the Add icon icon

How do I call a landline or mobile number?

If your friend isn’t online to join your video call, you can also reach them on their phone or mobile using your 100 free monthly minutes.

  1. On the Skype home screen select the phone icon icon
  2. Select the country or region you’re calling and use the dial-pad to enter the number.
  3. Start the call with the icon below the dial-pad.

Tip: If you know the full number, including the country code, you can enter it using the dial-pad without having to use the country or region selector.

Can I use this offer on other devices?

If you use Skype on other devices than your Xbox One, you can use your calling minutes and group video calling on all of them. All you need to do is sign in with the Microsoft Account on which you activated the offer.

* Skype on Xbox One offer requires paid Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately).  Offer must be redeemed via Skype on Xbox One by June 30, 2014; valid only in select Xbox One-supported Xbox Live countries. Limit 1 offer per Skype account and Xbox Live Gold primary account holder. Broadband Internet required; ISP fees may apply. Calling to select countries and lines only. See country list and offer terms at .


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