Up, Up and Away – Skype Tips for Frequent Flyers

You might have seen my recent tips on getting the most out of Skype while spending a few months abroad. Today I’ve got a few more tips for travelers, but this time I’m focusing on frequent flyers.

If you won’t spend months in the same place but often take short trips abroad, there’s a lot that Skype can do to make your life easier.

Skype WiFi – Wireless on the go, but without the hassle

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You’ve just sat down at your departure gate with a half hour to kill until wheels up. You’re itching to get online to check your email, Facebook, or the results of yesterday’s game. You check to see if you can get on a wireless network but to do so you’d have to pay for more internet than you’re going to need, go through a lengthy sign-up process or give your credit card details to a provider that you’re not quite sure about.

Why not let Skype take care of the hassle? With Skype WiFi you can use your Skype Credit to connect to over a million hotspots worldwide. It’s even available as an app on many mobile devices.

Learn more about getting started with Skype WiFi.

Call forwarding keeps you available at all times

If you’re unsure about your travel schedule and don’t know when and where you’ll next be able to get online, why not set up call forwarding on your Skype account? That way your Skype contacts will be able to call you even when you aren’t signed in to Skype and you can answer on your mobile or any other phone.

Learn more about call forwarding.

Mood messages are a useful communication tool

Here at Skype we’re all online throughout the working day. So when I go to send someone a message at ten in the morning and they’re offline it can be confusing. It’s confusing until I read their mood message and see they have travelled to another office and it’s the middle of the night for them.

If you’re going travelling somewhere, why not put your itinerary in your Skype mood message? It’s an easy way for your contacts to know where you are and when you might be online for them to contact you.

Learn more about setting your mood message.