Get the most out of Skype if you’re spending a few months abroad.

Skype means different things to different people, but how you use Skype from one day to another can also change. For example, students who study in a far off country for a time find that suddenly Skype becomes a way of catching up with loved ones who they might be used to seeing daily.

If you’re spending a few months abroad there are a number of ways that Skype can help you stay in touch with home. You probably already know you can make free calls to your friends and family at home on Skype, but I have a few more tips you might not have thought of.

Subscriptions – Calling home on a budget

If you’re regularly calling landlines and mobiles in the same country then you can get a great deal on your calls using a Skype subscription.

View the rates for calling your landlines and mobiles in your country of interest.

Group chats will save you repeating yourself

I’ve moved around a bit in my life and whenever I do I always find myself repeating my news with each conversation I have. Why not add your friends and family to a group chat and write all your news in there for all to see?

Learn more about creating a group chat on Windows or on Mac, or take a look at my recent tips on managing your group chats.

Skype Number – A number for home to call you on

Many people don’t like to use their mobile phones to receive calls while abroad because of the costs involved to you and to your friends and family. If you want people at home to be able to call you at local rates, why not set up a Skype Number? Anyone can dial it and you’ll be able to answer the call on Skype wherever you are in the world.

Learn more about Skype Numbers.

Practice your language skills in the Skype Community

If you’re travelling to a country to learn a new language or to improve on a second language, why not get a head start by taking a look at the language learning board on the Skype Community. Here you can connect with other Skype users who could teach you a phrase or two or let you practice what you already know of the language.

SMS addict? Why not try Skype on your mobile?

If your primary mode of communication is SMS messages then you might struggle when you get overseas and texting home becomes really expensive. Why not start instant messaging your friends for free with Skype on your mobile phone?

If instant messages aren’t an option and you need to send a SMS text message, you can also do so from Skype at great rates. Learn more about sending SMS messages through Skype.

Download Skype on your mobile.