Skype brings people face to face with their dream property

Skype brings people face to face with their dream property

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Everyone knows that Skype brings people together. But we recently found out that our technology also helps bring people closer to their dream properties. Coming face to face with your ideal property, whether it’s a family home or a shrewd investment, is something we all dream about. But what...

Tyler and Erin enjoying some time together at Big Bend National Park, TX

Keeping it fresh – a long distance romance thrives thanks to Skype

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For Public Relations professional Erin Key, Skype video calling was something her family had been using for years. Her facility with it came in handy when she and her boyfriend Tyler, both from Kansas City, Missouri, became separated by school and work. They wanted a way to see and...

Where it all began – Tara’s first job in tourism was selling tours of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy

Shortening the distance between home and traveling abroad

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Tara Cappel has a passion for travel. So much so that she started her own travel company called For The Love Of Travel to make it easier for busy, career-oriented young people to experience the mind-opening benefits of travel while still having a full-time job. Where it all began...

An example of one of Mia’s interior projects shot by Kiersten Ladzinski

On trend and always online. Skype meets a virtual fashion stylist

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“A girl should be two things… classy and fabulous.” — Coco Chanel Founder of Mia Collins Design, Mia is a personal stylist and interior designer who has a passion for all things to do with fashion. We were especially intrigued with the way she consults clients over Skype—helping to...

One of the Grannies reads to children

“Grannies” go global: Skype helps connect students and e-mediators

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A couple of years ago, we introduced you to the School in the Cloud, a global experiment in self-organized learning. The School in the Cloud allows children from all social backgrounds and circumstances to engage and connect with information and the Big Questions through interaction with the “Grannies”—a group...

Natalie Vie

Skype gets to the point with International USA Fencer, Natalie Vie

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Skype is increasingly being used in more and more original ways. From pet sitting to portrait painting, we’ve found people are really taking advantage of our video calls. Recently we found another ingenious use for Skype—learning the ancient art of fencing. Natalie Vie photographed by Danny Kongos Fencing dates...

Skype (call) emoticon

Skype keeps families connected this Father’s Day… and every day

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Most of the world will be celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday, June 19th. And if like many of us your family is scattered around the country, or even across the globe, planning family celebrations long-distance can be a challenge. Today we’d like to introduce you to Stefanie Parks, travel...