Celine Cousteau, "Tribes on the Edge"

Exploring the Amazon with Céline Cousteau and “Tribes on the Edge”

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Every year Skype in the Classroom celebrates Earth Day throughout the whole month of April with virtual field trips to beautiful parks around the world, lessons on climate change, animals of all types, Skype sessions with oceans experts, and collaborations between classes on all of these topics. This year...

Classrooms communicating over Skype

Millions of virtual miles travelled with Skype in the Classroom

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Last month, we highlighted various ways teachers and students could celebrate Earth Day and travel thousands of miles virtually via Skype in the Classroom to learn more about conservation, sustainability, and how we can do more to protect our planet. Many teachers took up the opportunity and in April travelled...

Celebrate Earth Day with Skype in the Classroom

Travel thousands of miles carbon free with Skype in the Classroom

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Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970 and is now observed in more than 193 countries each year. This year is particularly special as the landmark Paris Agreement is schedule to be signed by the US, China and 120 other countries. This Earth Day, on April 22nd, students can travel...