Skype Interviews connects software engineers with mentors—regardless of distance

Last August, Skype Interviews Preview launched and has already been utilized globally by tech firms and recruitment companies to perform coding interviews. Skype Interviews is easy to set up—no download required—and allows you to compile and run code in up to 13 different languages in real-time, seamlessly.

One company who adopted Skype Interviews is Skilled Inc., a Los Anglesbased startup founded and headed up by CEO Amir Savar. Skilled connects candidates looking to prepare for technical coding interviews to mentors who are experienced coders. They facilitate technical interviews with experts who provide detailed and useful feedback to educators, job-seekers, and businesses. By providing on-demand technical analysis through education and mentorship, Skilled aims to create a community of opportunity and transparency that represents and is accessible to all.

Before Skype Interviews, the typical workflow between a candidate and mentor required a video call and a separate code editing workflow that resulted in massive technical issues, broken interviews, and an overall poor user experience.

Now, Skilled runs its entire interview experience on the Skype Interviews platform. Both mentor and candidate click once to enter the fully functional experience, which allows a full video call with an integrated code editor—fundamentally improving the experience.

“Because of Skype Interviews, Skilled is moving forward with an amazing experience, giving every one of our users an incredible environment to learn, grow, and succeed,” says Savar.

As Skype Interviews is still in preview, we are looking for platform partners who want to integrate the Skype Interviews functionality within your platform. Your input will help shape the future of Skype Interviews. Sign up for early access to our developer API now.

Visit the Skype Interviews website to learn more and try it today.