From the desert to the airwaves—Skype empowers and inspires an Air Force veteran

Sean Douglas is a U.S. Air Force veteran, professional speaker, Master Resilience Trainer, author, and talk show host. In his professional journey and personal life, he has embodied the very growth and resilience he advocates, confronting obstacles head on and personally investing in his and others’ mental, emotional, and spiritual development.

As a professional speaker, Sean talks at high schools, colleges, conferences, and seminars, and hosts a two-day Resilience Seminar four times a year. He works with everyone from millennials to 50-year-old professionals, teaching mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual life skills. As a former drill instructor, he enjoys motivating people from many walks of life, helping them grow through adversity, stress, and life’s ever-changing demands. His method is highly interactive, utilizing seminars, face-to-face workshops, and online coaching sessions.

Image of Sean Douglas giving a speech.

In addition to speaking engagements and resilience training, Sean also hosts a live, online talk show, Life Transformation Radio, which he began in February of 2017. Heard already in 27 countries, he has interviewed fellow speakers, authors, and even a UFC announcer. To meet the communications needs of his show he incorporates Skype to connect with and interview many of his guests. “Skype is used a lot in my personal and professional life because it’s the only program that has worked for me, better than anything else I have tried.” He also appears as a guest on a variety of other talk shows, and uses Skype to connect and make his unique voice heard.

For Sean, an Air Force veteran, never was Skype utilized in a more personal way than when he was stationed in Southeast Asia for eight and a half months in 2013—while his wife was pregnant at home. The time difference between the two was eight hours, so he got creative with his time management. “I tried to work a schedule that allowed me to sleep while she was sleeping, so it was weird when I went to bed in the early morning, evening her time.” But thanks to Skype video calling, he witnessed moments that made his adjusted schedule worth the effort—like when he saw his baby’s sonogram. “When I saw the sonogram of the baby and the gender revealed, I was in a tent full of guys and tried really hard not to tear up—but that was hard since I knew where I wanted to be. I was blessed to have Skype because nothing else worked in the desert on my phone.”

Speaking is Sean’s passion. His dream is to become a TEDx speaker in the next three years. Given his resilience, energy, and passion—and his experience inspiring others to succeed—his future continues to look very bright.

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Image courtesy of Sean Douglas.