Speech therapy over Skype

Sometimes, we all need a little extra help to get ahead. But in some parts of the world, access to much needed resources, such as doctors and therapists, is not as easy. For one of our users, finding a speech pathologist close to home was a challenge.

Tom, a long-time Skype user from Australia, reached out to us with a story of how speech therapy via Skype has been helping his son overcome a speech impediment. The closest speech pathologist—Scott McNabb from the Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic in Victoria, Australia—was located an hour away from his son’s school, making it nearly impossible to schedule a weekly therapy session without missed classes or Tom having to be away from work.

With Skype, Tom’s son can participate in speech therapy sessions during school hours and Tom can stay at work. “Thanks to Skype, the sessions can be scheduled during recess at my son’s school, so he doesn’t miss any class time. It also enables me to be at work, as I would miss around two and a half hours of work time due to traveling to an appointment and then back to school.”

Tom’s son logs in to Skype from a laptop at school, while Tom logs in from his phone at work, and the speech pathologist dials in from his office.

A speech therapist, a boy, and his dad have a therapy session over Skype.

Tom, who has been using Skype since its early days, explains what made him turn to Skype: “I chose Skype because it is easy to organize a group call, it is cross-platform, and it is an app that was approved for use on the school network.”

After a couple of trial sessions with Tom and his son at school together, his son can now host the Skype calls, dialing in both Tom and the speech pathologist. During the call, therapy consists of helping Tom’s son speak smoothly with the specialist and identifying moments of speech that can be made fluent. Tom’s son has made very encouraging progress with his speech pathologist over the past couple of months during these Skype sessions.

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The client’s name has been changed to preserve privacy.