Fitness training over Skype

Today’s guest blogger is Matt Swierzynski, Personal Trainer from West Yorkshire, England. With a passion for helping others get more active and live healthier lifestyles, Matt recently turned to Skype video calling to expand his training services to clients throughout the UK and internationally.

How I got into sports and fitness

I have always played sport and enjoyed exercising and fitness. I value both the physical and mental benefits, and playing sports from a young age—rugby in particular—showed me how following a consistent exercise and nutrition plan makes you feel great and improves performance. You can’t beat that feeling after a great workout and this is what inspired me to get into fitness for myself and professionally.

By becoming a personal trainer, I wanted to help and inspire others to enjoy and value these benefits too, and to help them to get fitter and live more healthy, happy and active lifestyles.

Fitness training over Skype with Matt Swierzynski
Personally, I particularly enjoy walking, cycling and running, and also body-weight exercises including press ups, pull ups, squats etc. I really enjoy these types of exercises because they can be done anytime, anywhere and varied in so many ways.
Expanding my business with Skype

My personal training and fitness business is based in West Yorkshire, England and therefore this means I can “only” train and reach a certain amount of clients in that geographical area. I decided that in order to expand my business I would also offer online training—exercise and nutrition plans—and one-to-one and group exercise sessions using Skype and email.

Having used Skype and other online tools for about eight months now has made a significant positive impact on my business, and allowed me to expand my services and client base throughout the country, and even internationally (in Malaysia, for instance).

A typical Skype fitness session

Each Skype fitness session varies depending on the client and their goals, fitness status etc. However, typically a Skype fitness session will start with a warm up for about 5 minutes with me demonstrating the exercises and warming up with the client.

We then move onto the main part of the session which last approximately 30-45 minutes. Again, I demonstrate all exercises to the client via Skype and correct and analyze technique and form, whilst also positively motivating and encouraging the client. For instance, this may involve doing press ups and showing the client how to do them correctly, and counting the number of reps (or timing). I am constantly re-enforcing technique, encouraging the client, motivating them and challenging them to get out of their comfort zone.

After the main training session, we finish off with a cool-down and stretches for 5-10 minutes. During this time we also review the session and discuss progress, how the session felt, what the client enjoyed etc.

A memorable Skype moment

One memorable moment was with a group of clients during an exercise class in which the clients were in a conference room and I was at home. They had the Skype call projected on a screen on the wall. We were having a great action packed fitness session and were performing some squat jumps. During this exercise one of the members of the class jumped a little too forcefully and knocked the lead out of the computer and projector so this meant that they could still see me on the screen but not hear me, which I did not know about, much to the amusement of the members of the class.

My advice to those of you who are starting out your fitness journey 

Make fitness fun and do exercises you enjoy! Focus on long-term lifestyle changes, not short-term quick ‘fixes’. Build up your exercise and training slowly, and aim to make small, regular progress steps each session. Small regular steps lead to giant strides!

Thanks Matt for sharing your Skype fitness story with us!

To learn more, check out Matt’s website, and if you too have a Skype story to share, just tag us @Skype on social media. We’d love to hear it!