On Track with The Needle Drop – Danny Brown

For the second installment of On Track with The Needle Drop, we met rapper Danny Brown via Skype while he was on tour in Hamburg, Germany.

Danny is fresh from the release of his critically acclaimed record Atrocity Exhibition, featuring highly on ‘album of the year’ lists by The Guardian, Pitchfork and Rolling Stone, to name but a few —it’s an undoubted triumph for boundary pushing hip-hop.

Anthony Fantano, aka The Needle Drop, was stoked for the interview and had this to say:

“Detroit rapper Danny Brown is an artist I’ve been dying to do a formal interview with for a while. I feel he is one of the most unique artist walking and unique artists rapping today.”

Produced using Skype TX by Skype Live Studio, the interview covers a diverse range of topics including Danny’s musical influences and inspirations (which range from Korn to TLC), longevity in hip-hop, the rock versus rap divide and much more.

In an unexpected turn, Danny and Anthony are joined on the call by Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, who questions Danny on the techno sound of his new album, Christmas sweaters, new grills, and the time Schoolboy Q got him drunk.

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