A new generation of Skype users

Julie from The Effortless Girl and her sister, Bethany, both live in North Carolina, but five hours away from each other. Last year, Bethany was pregnant with her son Wells and when Julie found out her sister was going into labor, she rushed to get to the hospital to be there for the birth of her nephew. However, the delivery was delayed and Julie traveled back home—only to find out that her sister went back into labor when she was again five hours away!

Thanks to Skype video calling, Julie was able to be there for the birth of her nephewJulie explains: “For two days her labor started and stopped—but then came to a complete stop and the doctors told us she wasn’t going to deliver for a few more days to maybe a week. I had work commitments at home and needed to leave. I was crushed when Bethany went into labor as I arrived back home, literally I’d just walked into my house. We were both very disappointed; actually my heart was broken.”

Thanks to Skype video calling, Julie was able to be there for the birth of her nephewBut all wasn’t lost: the hospital set up a laptop on the bedside table, and Julie logged onto Skype to help coach her sister through the delivery—cheering, clapping and crying as if she was there with her the whole time. The next morning, Julie was also able to see baby Wells’ first precious alert moments on Skype.

“I was able to ‘be there’ with my sister without physically being in the room. We chatted through the labor and to be present (well, mostly) for the birth and celebrate with my sister is an experience I’ll never forget. Without Skype none of that would’ve been possible.”

Thanks to Skype video calling, Julie was able to be there for the birth of her nephewSkype still plays a large part in Julie’s relationship with her nephew: “We talk on Skype almost every day now and I can talk to Wells and be part of his life even though I’m not there in person. I’m a very proud aunt and being a part of my nephew’s life is extremely important to me.”

A just over a year old, Wells is still a true Skype baby: “He thinks every phone has a person’s face that talks to him”, Julie explains. “He’ll pick up the phone and wait for someone’s face to say hello to him when Bethany’s phone rings. He’s very disappointed if it’s just a regular call. This child is definitely a Skype generation kid in more ways than one—he’s known Skype since birth! Who can say that?”

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