Chat with snowboarder Jamie Anderson about her off-season training

It might be football and baseball season for some, but for winter sports fans, it’s the season we wonder what our favorite athletes have been getting up to all summer.

If you’re a fan of Olympic and X Games champion Jamie Anderson (and let’s face itwho isn’t?), you might be following her on social wondering how she can be at the beach one day, and carving down a mountain the next. She’s a pro snowboarder, an amazing yogi, a serious traveler, and she just last week released a brand new film Full Moon, so it’s safe to say she’s a busy gal.

Join a group chat with pro snowboarder Jamie Anderson

This means that her pedal to the metal lifestyle requires some serious logistical love and a lot of help from Skype to keep in touch with her ever-growing global gang of friends, teammates, and loved ones.

Keeping fit and healthy in the off-season is never easy, and Jamie will be sharing her tips and tricks for staying in shape physically and mentally on her Instagram page.

And on Thursday, September 22nd at 4pm PDT, Jamie will be hosting a group chat with all of you, so that you can come and ask her all your burning questions and hang out for a little downtime.

To get in on the group chat action, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into Skype – Don’t have Skype? You’ll need it for this. Download it here.
  2. Add ‘SkypeJamieAnderson’ as a Skype contact – Search for ‘SkypeJamieAnderson’ and add it to your Skype contact list.
  3. Start chatting – Join in Jamie Anderson’s group chat by sending an instant message.

Also, be sure to follow along with Skype on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as we give you another view into the ways Jamie keeps in top shape during the off-season.