Indie film company bridges time zones with Skype

Nigerian-American filmmaker Alexander “Lexx” Ore is the CEO of Lexxistalking Entertainment, a NYC-based film production powerhouse with satellite locations in Nigeria, West Africa. His latest production, The Dance Movie Project (TDMP), Africa’s first Afrobeats dance movie, is set for global release later this year.

Alexander "Lexx" Ore

Alexander “Lexx” Ore. Writer and Executive Producer of The Dance Movie Project

Afrobeats is a new genre of music based on Afrobeat (which fused Ghanaian and Nigerian traditional music with chanted vocals, jazz, and percussion) that also draws inspiration from various other music types including Jamaican dancehall, Afropop, hiplife, and house music. TDMP serves as a tribute to the emerging Afrobeats culture, combining it with Africa’s growing interest in competitive dance; it also educates audiences around the globe about the dramatic upsurge of diabetes in Africa, which has become a major silent killer disease.

To most people, making a film may sound like it’s just a lot of fun, but trying to pull all the elements of a production together is a truly daunting task.

Lexx found Skype video calling useful not only to bridge the entire timeframe of his production, from writing the script to post-production, but also as a way to shorten the distance between his New York office and various other locations.

For starters, Skype video calling was a great tool for Lexx to leverage when writing the screenplay.

Set in Lagos, Nigeria—the most popular city in the most populous country in Africa—TDMP is inspired by real-life events and tells the compelling story of two brothers striving to nurture their love for dance, and save the life of their mother who suffers from diabetes.

“I remember spending several hours brainstorming with my writers and production manager in various locations including Michigan, New Jersey, New York, London, and Nigeria via Skype,” Lexx said. “A small entertainment company like ours can use it as means of communicating when outlining all that was required to produce the film.”

“Gone are the days of disparate audio and video conferencing platforms for business; specifically, the Skype platform has allowed us to hold collaborative group meetings with our staff, dancers, actors, production associates, and film contractors in multiple time zones around the world.”

The Dance Movie Project

Skype proved quite useful in his film’s post-production phase, when he and his editing team happened to be miles away from each other.

“It allowed us to carry out and provide live reviews while we worked on the final film edit by team members who worked remotely.”

As the official theatrical release of TDMP draws closer, Lexx will be using Skype video calling to host a press conference for a small group of credentialed members of the press and bloggers around the world.

Lexx concludes “For us, with Skype, the opportunities to connect our film with people and brands, monetize our business relationships, and generate awareness for TDMP, has been exceptional.” High praise indeed!

We here at Skype hope Lexx finds much success with his filmmaking endeavors, and we’re thrilled to have played a part in his road to fame.

Check out the trailer for The Dance Movie Project:

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