The man behind the (studio) curtain

You may not know his face, or even his name, but we’ll bet you’ve definitely heard his voice. Larry Hudson is a voice over artist who works out of his studio in Southern California, with clients all over the world.

For Larry, Skype is the best way to connect to people who live in other cities and states. He started using Skype every day when he saw how beneficial it could be for his voice over business, and for practicing voice over techniques with associates.

Voice over artist Larry Hudson

His audio studio is set up in a “loopback”, which allows him to play audio from his computer through Skype so the client on the other end can hear it perfectly in great quality. This allows him to do what’s called a “Skype directed session” in the voice over business.

“I have several production houses I work with in Europe and the US where the client wants to direct me, or listen in to the session so they can critique my performance. I call them via Skype, then, using an industry-standard audio recording program, I record the session. They are hearing my voice through the microphone in my booth, and the quality is great. I also started seeing the value of a Skype subscription to the US and Canada (since I called these destinations the most) and using it to make business calls.”

Another way Larry uses Skype is with participants who take his five-week recording and editing course online: “The impact of what we can accomplish on Skype using screen sharing is far superior than if I were in the same room with them,” he asserts.“ It is because I can see their screen and their exact issue with one of the tasks they are asked to perform as part of the course and if need be I will share my screen so they can see me execute the solution.” “

When there is a problem with understanding some technique, I encourage them to set up a Skype session so I can get them to share their screen and I can solve their problem for them on their specific computer. It is so much faster than just giving written or verbal instructions.” It’s not surprising that Larry has also become the how-to guy over Skype when family members have computer issues. As for the teaching side of what Larry does, he feels that comes from his personal “pay it forward” mantra. “I have done coaching in past careers both in music and in the commercial real estate industry, and always enjoyed mentoring people with the knowledge that I have,” he says.

Voice over artist Larry Hudson

While he likes to keep his mentoring to the more technical end of the voice over business, he does serve as administrator to a weekly workout group for voice over artists from all over the world. The group is comprised of dedicated voice over artists who come together to support each other by doing what’s known as a “voice over workout” where the participants perform and get feedback from the person directing them. Each participant performs and directs, all via Skype. It is also a place where everyone shares information, coaching tips, and technical advice.

“There are 3 workouts a week with 25 or so people split into groups of 5 each,” he explains. “We use Skype to connect everyone. Each group has an Initiator who starts the call, records the call, and keeps things on track, as well as performing and directing (as everyone does in the group). Then the Initiator sends the recording of the call to each person in that group so they can analyze and review their performances to increase their personal VO skills.”

“What we are most concerned with is audio quality so people can be directed accurately in the nuance of a script,” he explains. “Literally, every week is fun on Skype with the workout group. I have gone into complete belly laughter over a performance or something someone has said.”

Larry’s professionalism matches his intense passion for the voice over industry. “I have loved this business from the moment I said ‘I’m in’. I worked hard and still work hard every day. I love what I do and don’t want to go to sleep at night and can’t wait to get up in the morning to get to work on what there is to do.”

Our hats are off to you, Larry!


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