Skype brings Halo fans closer to the HCS Pro League

We recently teamed up with ESL Gaming and Halo on a mission to bring gamers together, and get them even closer to the HCS Pro League as well as some of the best eSports players in the world… and we gave away some epic prizes along the way.

“The Arena” group chat

Hundreds of gamers converged each day during the HCS Pro League Championship to discuss all things Halo and gaming in  “The Arena” group chat. We brought in the likes of Nick “MaNiaC” Kershner of OpTic Gaming, and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins of Renegades (he’s since switched to Cloud9), to answer questions from and give tips to their fans in the group chat.

Following Counter Logic Gaming taking home the HCS title, the online crowd went wild when Tony “Lethul” Campbell joined us just this past Wednesday for an epic Q&A session with his fellow gamers, who got busy quizzing him on tactics, energy drinks and everything in between.

A bunch of lucky group chat members were also gifted with some awesome Halo swag, including the grand prize trip to the HSC Pro League Championships in Los Angeles, California, a limited edition Xbox and some seriously solid memories.

HCS Pro League

On ground at the Championship

Over the championship weekend, we were joined by our grand prize winner (and his lucky plus one) at the Novo Theatre in downtown L.A., to witness an unforgettable few days of eSports action. Enigma6, Team EnvyUS, Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming battled through the tournament until only CLG was left standing. Gamer and online host Trisha Hershberger was also there to interview big names and bring fans closer to the action with Facebook Live coverage from the event. You can watch that stream here.

Check it all out

You can access all the content on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, see more on ESL’s Halo Twitter page, and access all the action-that-was through #SkypeTogether and #ESL.