Combining the ancient art of feng shui with Skype technology

Feng shui is the practice of harmonizing people with their environment—an ancient art often used to orient buildings and also spiritual structures such as tombs. These days it is still being used by people to bring harmony and good fortune to their homes.

We found out how Dana Claudat, a renowned interior designer and founder of The Tao Of Dana, uses feng shui and Skype to help her clients and expand her business.

Dana ClaudatFeng shui Master Dana Claudat

Dana discovered feng shui when she was in a personal health crisis and contemplating how her house felt so little like a home.

“Because I had the time, professional studies were totally self-motivated—and as I became more entrenched in the creativity of the work and the potential to use it in the arts (I worked in the art world), it was very organic to first use it for myself and then apply the principles in work. And then, finally, to realize the potential to take the practice and make it my own and use it widely.”

“To become a profession, it was another accident: I started a Tumblr blog back in 2007 that became very, very popular. It was a springboard I didn’t realize I had created to launch a business. It was all born of love for art and design and improving people’s lives with artful living.”

Dana’s clients come to her for both the life changes of feng shui, as well as her skill at creating aesthetically pleasing interiors. One way she reaches out to a wider audience is through her use of Skype:

“Clients send me snapshots and a floor plan and when we meet on Skype, we walk through any questions I have or spaces that need to be illuminated. Then we talk through the process and I send them links through messenger of any design additions, colors, charts or anything else I want them to see so that we can discuss it further. By the end, we both have a clear picture of a new home that is exciting!”

Dana ClaudatEven the right artwork promotes wellbeing and serenity

Feng shui being such a tactile and sensory skill, we were wondering if technology hinders Dana in any way when it comes to feeling the “vibe” of a house. She explains:

“I can see a lot of a space using a combination of Skype and images that clients send me. The ability to have a face-to-face conversation and connect more fully with my clients is a huge part of the work, but the synergy with Skype is fantastic.”

Dana also adds that a lot of her clients have become long-distance friends over the years:

“I embrace any way I can make a meaningful connection to my clients, and this technology is so vital and important to doing this in a big way.”

Dana admits that when it comes to conducting business over video calling, “nothing works as well” as Skype—everything is in one place to both message and see people as well as spaces.”

Nowadays, 90% of her consultations occur via Skype and it’s especially helpful with feng shui, since it allows her to feel things out and connect with clients in real-time—“as if you’re there in the room”.

Feng shui Master Dana ClaudatDana combines an ancient art with the latest technology

“I can see where people are not in synch with their spaces. They are creative and their home is lacking in artistry, or they want possibility and they’re hemmed in with too much stuff. Or they are excited about love and they’ve built up a picture of themselves, very single, and that image is entrenched in their home design and habits. A great place to start is to imagine the goals you have and see how they’re mirrored in your environment even in abstract ways. If you’re out of synch, you know where to begin to create a home that is empowering.”

Here are five easy ways straight from the feng shui master on how to arrange and decorate your home:

  • Clearing the entrance of your home encourages positive energy to flow in.
  • Adding plants to a living room encourages hope and happiness.
  • Avoid excessive mirrors in the bedroom. They can be too energizing.  If you have mirrored closets, you can come up with creative ways to cover a bit of them so they don’t overwhelm the room.
  • Clearing away unwanted clutter promotes harmony in the home, always.
  • Use colors that you love liberally and creatively so that you feel energized at home.

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