We came, we saw, we loved every minute of X Games Austin 2016

X Games Austin is officially done and dusted but we’re re-living some of the highlights. From rain to shine, the weekend was HUGE and packed with all the greatness we’ve come to expect from this annual summer event.

Leticia Bufoni during practice for Skateboard Street Women's at X Games Austin 2016

Leticia Bufoni during practice for Skateboard Street Women’s
(Photo by Eric Lars Bakke/ ESPN Images)

On the couch at X Games Extra presented by Skype

Just like with X Games Aspen, Skype brought fans even closer to the games and the athletes, with exclusive one-on-one chats, behind-the-scenes footage and the X Games Extra presented by Skype, the late night chat show that gets fans even closer to the games and the athletes they love. Here we got some of the biggest winners of the games on the couch including Vince Byron, Mykel Larrin, Colton Satterfield and Ryan Decenzo.

X Games Extra

Extreme BMX and Skate group chats

Just as big as the ramps and the tricks though were the X Games Austin 2016 Skype group chats. Thousands of you added the official X Games Austin 2016 Skype ID to your contacts and got involved in what will go down in history as some of the most epic group chat sessions ever. We put fans in touch with some of their most respected heroes and loved each and every minute of it. We still have a live group chat this week with Tom Schaar. Add ‘XGamesAustin2016’ to your Skype contacts to join in!

Among many, many other things in our group chats, we found out Morgan Wade’s favorite color (hot pink, FYI), chatted all things life and BMX with Garrett Reynolds, got nasty with Cory “Nasty” Nastazio, and had an all-out fan-fest with Scotty Cranmer and Big Boy who treated the fans to a live arm wrestle. Leticia Bufoni talked passions, music and sky diving with her fans, Curren Caples had fans screaming out to him while we were group chatting, Lizzie Armanto gave us her best tips to stay cool under pressure, and Jono Schwan chatted everything from 1080s to Bill Gates with his fans. You can read all interview transcripts here.

Big Boy and Scotty Cranmer

Big Boy and Scotty Cranmer

After the chat, Scotty passed this message on to his fans: “Thank you for the opportunity. We really appreciate our fans and Skype gave us such a great platform to reach out to so many of them! Hopefully we can do it again!”

Spreading the love

Jono Schwan signing the XboxJono Schwan signing the Xbox

We also were lucky enough to watch Blink 182 and All Time Low rock out on stage, and we gifted one lucky winner with a signed Xbox. Told you it was a great weekend! Even rain couldn’t dampen our spirits.

Craig McMorris jumped onboard and used Skype to connect Leticia Bufoni with one of her most avid followers (watch the vid here). He also gave one lucky Skype user the opportunity to get face to face with Scotty Cranmer (that vid here), and got Jono Schwan in to chat with one of his biggest fans (that vid here). Jono said of the experience: “I really appreciate and thanks again for the fun Skype chat! Hope to catch up with [the fans] in the future.”

Cory Nastazio competing in Intel BMX Dirt during X Games Austin 2016 (Photo by Chris Tedesco / ESPN Images)

Cory Nastazio competing in Intel BMX Dirt
(Photo by Chris Tedesco / ESPN Images)

Watch all of Skype’s X Games highlights below:

Never ones to let good times fade away, we’ll be packing our tents and heading to the Frendly Gathering festival with the Frendly Crew in a few weeks. Stay tuned to see some of the best acts perform exclusive Frendly Sessions using the power of Skype from June 23rd. Head over to frendlygathering.com for more info.

Frendly Gathering