The Late Late Show inspires new Skype emoticons

If you’re a big fan of the Late Late Show (like us), you already know that James Corden loves emoticons and has some pretty great ideas for how to use them. What we didn’t know is that our emoticon library was, in James’ opinion, lacking some key expressions.

As a longtime friend, James was kind enough to give us a call and provide a few suggestions. And who are we to deny the maestro of late night? See what James came up with here:

How had we not thought of a Carpool Karaoke Moji?!

Use our newest emoticons and Mojis to express feelings like “I can’t unsee that,” “Spoiler alert!” and that special look of “Shock” that only Reggie Watts can deliver.

Check out the full line up of Late Late Show emoticons.

The new Late Late Show Skype emoticons

Dozens of emoticons and Mojis can be inserted right into your Skype chats to say what words sometimes can’t. The full collection is already available in the Skype app so be sure you’re running the latest version.

Got feedback? We’d love to hear it! Please head over to the Skype Community.

Thanks James for the fun emoticon challenge! We’re off to (tvbinge) The Late Late Show now.