Looking back at Claire Marshall’s fitness journey with Skype

A few weeks ago beauty and lifestyle vlogger Claire Marshall embarked on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. Unlike many who try to get active and eat healthy on their own, with the help of Skype, Claire took on her #SkypeFit journey with the support of fitness experts, fans and anyone else looking to get fit. Not only did top fitness expert Carly Rowena and healthy foodie Russ Crandall guide her along the way, but fans looking to meet their health and fitness goals also joined both Claire and the experts in a Skype group chat where they helped cheer her on and got personalized tips from the pros.

Challenge 1:

After a couple Skype chats with trainer Carly, she was challenged to her first fitness challenge—an aerial silks class at AIR® Los Angeles. Nervous about going upside down, Claire prepped for the class on a Skype video call with aerial fitness instructor and studio founder, Lindsay Duggan. Getting out of her comfort zone helped Claire take her journey to new heights and motivated her to work even harder toward her fitness goals.

Challenge 2:

When it comes to getting healthy, what you eat is just as important as what workouts you do. So for her next #SkypeFit challenge, New York Times bestselling author and paleo food blogger Russ Crandall challenged Claire to cook up a healthier version of her favorite takeout meal. While preparing Bibimbap with Korean-spiced chicken, Claire learned to appreciate the effort that goes into each dish.

Challenge 3:

For the next chapter in her fitness journey, Claire went head to head with boxer Milan Costich at Prevail Los Angeles boxing gym. Throughout this knockout of a challenge, fitness expert Carly Rowena used Skype to (virtually) stay in Claire’s corner.

Challenge 4:

Russ Crandall and Kasey Potts (Kasey’s Kitchen) had Claire seeing double when they challenged her to prepare a healthy two-course dinner party (including dessert) to share with friends.

Final Challenge:

After completing a series of fitness feats and cooking challenges, Claire took her fitness journey full circle by planning a day of fitness in Los Angeles for #SkypeFit contest winner Jinna Luongo. This challenging, yet rewarding day featured a dance class at EDGE Performing Arts Center, a healthy cooking class with Hedley and Bennett and even a trip to LA Boulders. Between challenges, they fueled up on refreshing treats from Pressed Juicery. Throughout the day, Claire passed on her healthy lifestyle knowledge to a new friend and even got to throw in a few fun surprises along the way.

Living a healthier lifestyle is always easier and more fun when you have people to sweat it out with and support you. Download Skype now to share your fitness journey with your friends. Together you can motivate each other to live better by sharing workouts, recipes and advice. Post your fittest Skype chats on Twitter or Instagram with #SkypeTogether and we might feature you.