Story time with Skype and Simon the Squid

For working parents, spending quality time with family isn’t always easy.

That’s why Skype teamed up creative agency Pereira O’Dell and illustrator Darren Farrell to create Simon the Saxophone-Playing Squid, a children’s book that parents can read to their kids using the screen sharing feature on Skype anytime, anywhere.

Simon the saxophone-playing squid

The story follows Simon, a curious squid that comes across a stray saxophone at the bottom of the sea. With the help of his friends, he goes on a quest to discover its true purpose.

Skype screen sharing

To create a richer experience for families, Skype worked with The Little Waves Band, a children’s combo based in Los Angeles, to write and record a song to go with the story. The group collaborated with San Francisco-based saxophonist Simon Friedlander with the help of Skype group video calling.

It’s all featured on a microsite where you can read the book and download the song.

So next time you’re working late, why not surprise your kids with a Skype call and take them on a magical underwater adventure with Simon?