Foodies celebrate Thanksgiving with a side of Skype

It’s that time of year when food takes center stage as family and friends gather around the table to celebrate all things they were thankful for the past year. While food is never in shortage, sometimes new recipes seem to be in short supply. This year, food vloggers Brothers Green and Katie Quinn prepared dishes for friends and family with a little help from Skype.

Cooking for Thanksgiving is bound to be a little stressful. But with the pressure to impress their Mom with a special dish, it was even more trying for Mike and Josh of the Brothers Green. Since last year’s dish left her upset and unimpressed, they were determined to make something extra spectacular for their family celebration. Together they used Skype to prepare Thanksgiving classics in a nontraditional way. Luckily, their Thanksgiving muffins were a hit with both Mom and the rest of the family.

After returning from a culinary adventure abroad, food enthusiast Katie Quinn made plans to catch up with old friends at a Friendsgiving potluck. Looking to put a new spin on her favorite Thanksgiving dishes, Katie got on a video call with a classmate in France. Using some international inspiration, and a thumbs up from her boyfriend, Katie brought a taste of her travels to the Friendsgiving feast.

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