Skype Helps a Mother-Daughter Team Shine a Little Light to the World

Marla & Kasha Slavner are a mother/daughter duo from Toronto, Canada who’ve seen the world and are now working to change it for the better. Here, Kasha – a Skype Social Good Moment Maker tells us about what her and her mom have been up to, what’s coming next, and how they’ve taken Skype along for the ride. You can also learn more about them on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and their website.

Last year I convinced my mom to let me take a year off school and for her to come travel East Africa and Southeast Asia with me. This was no vacation; this was she and I setting off to put my passion for visual storytelling to good use – all with the help of Skype.

The aim was to get enough footage to create a documentary based around the hope and resilience of people who courageously rise above difficulties in their lives and in their communities, and then to use that footage to inspire others all around the world.

We named it The Global Sunrise Project, and we came home with more than 130 hours of footage, over 20,000 photographs, and a lifetime’s worth of stories. (Here’s a little preview.)

For the most part, my mom and I have been on a journey into the unknown since working on the project, and Skype’s been with us from the very beginning. Even when service was limited, Skype was our connection to loved ones back home. Not just that, we used it to get in touch with organizations we were interested in visiting, coordinate travel plans, and meet contacts in advance. The deeper we get into this project, the more we realize we could never have done it without Skype.

We’re back home now and it continues to be a big tool in the project – from holding video interviews to production meetings and keeping in touch with people and organizations we met on the road.

Thanks to Skype, Mom and I are very excited to introduce our Sunrise Chat for Social Good Series©.  It’s focused on bringing people together to discuss ways people can create change for the better no matter where they are. Each chat will have a different theme, and will bring new people to the conversation who show that making a difference is really possible.

In our inaugural chat we caught up with one of my mentors Lola Akinmade Åkerström, a National Geographic Creative Photographer/Writer, and Dylan Lowe, Social Entrepreneur & Founder of The Ripple Movement, about putting purpose behind your passion.

Our next stop is Portland, Oregon where we’ll be attending Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit. I’ll be exhibiting my 32-piece photography exhibition “Travels into the Heartland” and curating it especially for Skype. We hope you’ll join us on the journey and keep the conversation going.

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