JacksGap’s New Video and a Fan Group Chat This Week

In case you’re not familiar with YouTube legends JacksGap, now’s the time to get onboard. We recently partnered with Jack and Finn in a little (and absolutely wonderful) thing called “The Collaboration Project”. The latest installment of the project is a touching video called “What do you believe in?” which launched today.

In this current project, the guys called on their fans to submit Skype video messages describing what they fear, what they love, and, for this latest offering, what they believe in. You can watch it below and – spoiler alert – it’s every bit as heart-warming, inspiring and tear jerking as the others (watch them here).

JacksGap asked their fans “What do you believe in?” and the response was overwhelming.

Loving the new video? JacksGap are giving YOU an exclusive opportunity to join a Skype group chat with other fans this week! A lucky few will also get the chance to chat with Jack and Finn and ask them questions about their work, travel and film making. What would you like to ask the guys?

To get involved all you have to do is follow the simple steps below and you’ll be chatting in seconds…

1) SIGN INTO SKYPE – Don’t have Skype? You’ll need it for this. Download it here.

2) ADD ‘JacksGapChat’ AS A SKYPE CONTACT – Search for ‘JacksGapChat’ and add it as a Skype contact.

3) SAY HELLO – What would you like to ask JacksGap? Join in with the chat by sending an IM.

Don’t forget, the JacksGap Skype group chat is only happening this week so make sure you don’t miss out!!