A Celebratory Father’s Day, From Anywhere in the World

Father’s Day is fast approaching, but—unfortunately for you—Dad now happily dwells in a different locale. Thanks to Skype, you can set aside some virtual time to touch base, and celebrate your Pops while out and about.

Here are some sweet, creative ways to remind Dad just how glad you are he’s around:

Gone Fishin’

Back in the day, it was Dad who taught you how to hook a trout. While today, a tangible fishing trip isn’t possible, you can still call #1 Dad on Skype, while you throw out your own baited line. (And with The Expert on Skype, you can get real-time advice on how to cast that lure.)

Father's Day fishing

It’s a Small World

Even if Dad lives on the other side of the globe, Skype allows you to get in touch with him—regardless of whether or not he has Skype set up. Low calling rates, and no peak times ensure you can place international calls anytime, and from anywhere. Just remember the time zone difference, and don’t wake Dad up—your Old Man never was an early bird.

What’s for Dinner?

So you and your siblings have assembled over the grill. Even if Dad can’t make it in person, Skype group video calls ensure he stays included in the fun. Giant families missing their patriarch: Don’t fret! Group calls allow several folks to participate. So, those calling in from additional locations can all chime in on Dad’s great “How to Make the Best BBQ” debate.

On the Go

Even if there’s not a specific ‘event’ planned between you and Dad, you can still take the time to reach out and tell him you love him. Skype for mobile allows you to make the connection anywhere, anytime. Call Pops while waiting for the bus, before clocking in at work, or send some emoticon-filled Skype messages throughout the day.

This Father’s Day, no matter how physically far your Pops actually is, let Skype step in and span the gap. After all, it’s Dad’s special day.

Are you using Skype this Father’s Day? We’d love to hear how!