Top Reasons Skype Can Help You to Grow and Innovate Your Business (Part 2)

Last week we heard from Skype Innovation Moment Maker and aficionado Chris Merkle on some of the ways he uses Skype (and you can too) to grow his business. Here, he’s adding five more reasons. You can also keep up with him and his adventures in innovation through Facebook, Instagram and his blog.

skype mobile
6. Stay Clear as Day
Have you ever asked someone a question and received the simple response “ok”, or even worse, just “k”? (I know half of you reading this just cringed.) Do they really understand what you’re saying? Can you trust them to complete a task or project, confidently knowing they will be able to execute your vision? Skype video calling lets you visibly gauge that level of comprehension, ensuring clear communication throughout every project.

7. Mile a Minute
Business doesn’t stop when you travel. I’ve probably had five to ten Skype video calls from my phone over the last three times I’ve traveled. Whether you’re at the airport killing time, in-flight or cabbing to your next destination, Skype keeps you connected. You can chat with a business partner pre-flight, then jump on your laptop and continue the conversation via Skype instant messages so you don’t annoy those seated next to you. (Please don’t be that person, ever.)

8. Build Bonds that Last
As your business grows, eventually you come to the realization that you cannot be good at everything. (In fact, you shouldn’t be.) Focus on being the best at one thing with maybe a few complimentary offerings. With increasing competition you may need to offer additional services or products that are a distraction from your core model—that’s where partnerships come in. Just like using Skype to help close a deal, Skype is an awesome resource for helping to build trust with new partners when looking for a perfect fit.

9. Timing is Everything
Once you wrap a video call, then what? Were there any next steps or things to remember? Did you have a follow-up question? With Skype, you can ask anything you forgot during the call (happens to me frequently) over messaging. You can also keep your files in one thread per conversation. Even cooler, is the integration with that allows you to chat with people right from your inbox. As an entrepreneur, you’ll quickly find that money comes and goes, but time is your most precious resource. Skype gives you more time.

10. Human Connection
Skype is more than a simple video call, it touches on human emotions. You can build trust with clients, motivate your teams around the world, create your next big idea and keep yourself organized while on the go. You can feel as connected as you want to be with Skype. (Trust me, not everyone needs to see my face before my morning coffee. Skype messages suffice at that time.)

With Skype you can still “be there” even if you’re not. Which, I’ve found, means the world of difference.

Chris has opened the Skype business Q&A group chat and will answer 10 people every week via Skype. To ask a question about entrepreneurship, the future of digital or growing a business, just add Skype_SmallBiz to your Skype contacts.