Shape Up for Summer—with Skype!


Warmer days are on the way! For folks looking to trim down or tone up, now is the time to kickstart your beach-body-ready workout. But forget that indoors-only routine, and let your home stash of DVDs continue collecting dust: we’ve found the woman who’s combining mobile tech with plenty of fitness-minded teachings.

We’re assuming you’ve already loaded your smartphone with every exercise-focused app. You can measure your pace, track your heart rate, count reps, set challenges—the works. But for that added boost of inspiration, we suggest you call an expert like Catharina Zeise from Germany with Skype. After all, she’s been coaching busy, on-the-go folks to healthier, happier lives for some time.

Bringing both nutrition and fitness expertise to the plate, Catharina combines the benefits of individual coaching with flexible, mobile-friendly calendars. While Catharina provides in-person sessions as well, her Skype appointments are currently skyrocketing—especially given the changing seasons (and clients’ requests to move their routines outside into the sun).

Recently, we sat down with Catharina (over Skype, of course) to discuss just how clients can call on Skype to optimize their squats, crunches and sprints.


How did you come up with the idea to offer consultations via Skype?

Health and fitness are the alpha and omega for a strong body! That said, usually time is scarce and must be used efficiently. My clients were interested in training as well as in my nutritional diet advice—something that was often lacking during everyday schedules. Life happens! Sometimes you can’t find a babysitter. Sometimes the commute is impossible. When dates had to be rescheduled or postponed, it created stress for everybody—to the point where customers often lost focus on their overall fitness goals.

As a more effective workout, I started offering my services to clients via Skype. Now, they can grab a 20-minute fitness class in the morning, or they can check-in after work for nutritional tips. Through my social profiles on Facebook and Instagram, I received Europe-wide requests for training and diet advice—this international customer base wouldn’t really be possible without Skype.

How does the Skype consultation work?

Every week I offer personal training, either face-to face or in small groups with Skype group video calls. My clients book either group trainings (which take place at fixed times) or individual sessions.

I can hold health lectures over Skype, and my out-and-about clients can simply utilize their laptop, tablet or their smartphone to participate. At the end of a session I clarify with an open Q&A opportunity, which—due to Skype’s numerous mobile features—allows customers even more flexibility.


What’s so special about fitness and nutritional advice over Skype?

The best part is that my clients can workout wherever they want to. They can check-in for sessions while outside soaking up the sun, at home, at the office—even if they’re traveling. And we can see each other! I can correct their form, push them to their maximum performance, guide them, and choose more effective exercises during our training together.

Because my training involves almost nothing other than the client’s own body weight, there are no expensive studio fees or necessary equipment. And the changing weather is an added plus—clients can just go out and get started!

At what times of day do your Skype consultations generally take place?

I am totally flexible and depend on my clients’ requirements. My consultations take place in the morning before starting work at 7:30am (Germany time), during a lunch break at 12pm, or after work at 5pm. Skype is not only useful for my clients, it gives me more flexibility. I travel a lot, but as long as I have my PC and WiFi I can work. There is nothing better. 

Fitness coach Catharina has Skype completely integrated into her daily routine. You too can jumpstart your own virtual sports program. Are you using Skype to reach your athletic goals? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter.