Must Read: Touching German Couple Gives the Gift of Music Over Skype


Dr. Klaus Röse and Marita Frehse (aka Jo & Josephine) are a talented, touching German duo who—via the power of Skype and their heartwarming harmonies—bring live tunes to the ears of eager listeners everywhere.

Alongside teaching and hosting their own hit show on television, the musicians have performed at weddings and parties, as well as larger events like Schwerin’s 2009 Garden Show. The idea for Skype-enabled concerts came about organically.


Jo explains, “We were asked to give a birthday concert for an older man in his small nursery room. At first, the family members didn’t know what they should give. But, because the birthday boy was a fan of folk music, they came up with the idea to involve us.” He continues, “This booking was an absolutely new challenge. So intimate, and directly involving another person! Our music gave him so much joy and really, eased his worries for a short time. Everyone present was totally moved, some even to tears.”

Josephine adds, “It was through this ‘gift’, that the members of the family enriched his birthday. It was an unforgettable experience.” Jo & Josephine were so inspired by the performance, that they opted to seek out others looking to celebrate. “That afternoon was really incredible,” Jo explains. “We realized how many people potentially spend their birthdays alone.”


From here, the artists began brainstorming how they could create similar experiences. Thanks to Skype, they were quickly able to overcome any logistical mishaps, as well as reach a wider audience in general. Josephine elaborates, “All we need is an audience and a laptop or tablet! With a 30-minute Skype call, we can start our concert directly in the sitting room. Plus”, she adds, “we can tailor our songs to anything viewers wish to hear.”

So, the next time Grandpa’s latest celebration has you stumped, consider inviting Jo & Josephine to the party. From “Happy Birthday” to the latest radio tunes, they’ll highlight all the hits, thanks to Skype.

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