How to create a Mother’s Day treat on Skype

Why don’t you take to Skype this year for a little Mother’s Day treat? I’m sure you didn’t need me to remind you that Mother’s Day is coming up soon (and if you did, then you’re welcome) but a few pointers on creating a special Skype session probably wouldn’t go amiss. So let’s get to it!

Gotta catch em all on a group call.

A Skype call to mom on Mother’s Day (on top of the flowers) is a great start, but if you have siblings and kids of your own, then a group video call is so much better. Make the effort to align everyone’s busy calendars on the 10th and I’m sure it’ll put a smile on your mom’s face.

It’s really easy and, best of all, free to get a group video call going on Skype. Here’s a guide to starting a group video call on Skype for Mac, and here’s a short video on how to do the same in Skype for Windows desktop:

Send a hand-drawn picture from Skype for Windows Phone.

If there are any toddlers running amok in your family, they probably love getting their hands on your smartphone at every opportunity. This Mother’s Day, you could put that to good use if you have Skype on a Windows Phone.

A card is a great way to show a mom that you care, but a hand-drawn picture is hard to beat. With Skype for Windows Phone you can get your toddler to draw something for mom (or grandma) and send it over much like you would send a photo.

Learn more about sending drawings with Skype for Windows Phone.

A video message to remember.

Another way to give mom the warm-fuzzies is with a loving video message. This has the added benefit of letting her re-play the message so the happiness can linger beyond the 10th.

You don’t need Hollywood levels of production to make a meaningful video message. Just make sure your face is well-lit and you speak from the heart, this isn’t the time for small talk.

You can send video messages from most versions of Skype. Skype Support can show you how to get started on all of them, like with this guide to video messaging on Skype for Windows desktop.