Actors master the art of the roving rehearsal

Skype Acting Ambassador Lynn Chen uses Skype video calling to rehearse whenever she wants, from wherever she wants. This means she has more time to pursue her other passions, which include all things food, creating podcasts, and being an activist for positive body image. You can keep up with all her Hollywood shenanigans through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Lynn knows all too well how crazy “the biz” can be. One week she can be sprinting from one audition to another, and the next could be spent just waiting for the phone to ring. She uses Skype to solve what would otherwise be the scheduling and logistical puzzle of trying to squeeze rehearsals into her free time.


Lynn uses Skype to rehearse with her acting coach Nick Hoffa at Wheelhouse Acting.

These days, finding a quiet place at a moment’s notice to practice dialogue out loud and face to face with her acting coach is as easy as turning on her device of choice. There are no more conspicuous coffee shop rehearsal sessions or stressful dashes to various friends’ homes around town.


She’s gained time otherwise spent in transit, and the person on the other end can be in their pajamas, eating a sandwich, or whatever else it is they care to do. In fact, so can she. It’s the perfect situation for everyone involved, because the more time spent in pajamas, the better.

Lynn recently opened the Skype acting group chat. It’s a place where actors can exchange tips, practice lines and discuss all things acting during those thumb-twiddling times between auditions and callbacks. To start rehearsing your lines, just add Skype_Acting to your Skype contacts. Want to share your passion on a global stage? Explore the many ways you can get involved in Moment Makers.