7 reasons to sweat it out over Skype

Skype Moment Maker and personal trainer Nick Cameron has been training people using Skype video calling for quite a while now. Here he tells us his top seven reasons why taking part in the fitness revolution from your living room is the way to go. You can also catch him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

muscle-51. It’s easy – Skype makes working out from home simple. I demonstrate, guide, correct and motivate my clients as if we were together in the same room. But, of course, I’m in my studio, while they’re anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection.

2. It’s quick – Time is a rare commodity these days and one that sees too many people put their health on the backburner. One of my clients is a single mother with two young children. She wanted to get fit, but it just wasn’t manageable for her. We now train over Skype video calls at a time that suits her once the kids are in bed.

3. You can do it wherever you are – Some of my clients have jobs (or vacations) that take them all over the world. Thanks to Skype, they can take me on the road with them to whatever country and whichever hotel room they end up in. We can pick up from exactly where we left off and train wherever they are.

4. It’s not the gym – It seems so simple, but it’s such a big thing. Some people just don’t like the gym environment – after all, sweating in front of strangers isn’t for everyone. When you train over Skype, it’s completely private and you don’t need to get dressed up or worry about how you look. You’re training in your own environment and it’s the best possible place for your progress.

Nick Cameron (3)[2]

5. It’s convenient – A lot of my clients are drawn in by the convenience factor. One minute they can be watching the end of their favorite TV show, putting the kids to bed or finishing a school assignment, then two minutes later they can be warming up for their Skype workout session. There’s also a lot less room for excuses when they’re already “there”.

6. It’s just like having a personal trainer – There is little difference between traditional personal training and Skype training. In terms of the training itself, the majority of goals can be achieved through Skype, and with a space no bigger than a few square feet to train in you can easily reach your natural muscular potential.

7. It’s easy to stay in touch between sessions – One thing I’ve noticed with gym-based personal training is the lack of aftercare or communication between sessions. Skype lets me speak to my clients in between sessions because, like all types of learning, support and mentoring outside the “classroom” are essential to development.

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