Mayra Hurtado is overjoyed to be Skype’s Photography Ambassador in Mexico

A few weeks ago, we announced the upcoming launch of Moment Makers in Mexico and Brazil. Now, we’re getting to know a brand new group of influential and passionate Moment Makers.

Mayra Hurtado is a Mexican photographer and fashion blogger who represented her home city of Guadalajara in the Skype City Sights photo collaboration. She has recently been named Skype’s Photography Ambassador in Mexico. Read on as she shares her most memorable Skype Moments, the role Skype plays in her life and what she hopes to accomplish as a Skype Ambassador.  

mayr 1

I’m very happy because it’s my birthday this month, and so many amazing things have happened to me on a professional level this year. First of all, I’m pleased to announce that Skype has chosen me to be their Photography Ambassador here in Mexico. Before getting this once in a lifetime opportunity, I’ve had some excellent experiences collaborating with Skype previously. Two years ago, I was invited to a Lady Gaga concert in Mexico City. Before the show, we had a wonderful pre-concert party with the Skype team from New York. Since Lady Gaga is my favorite singer, it was the perfect birthday present.

mayr 2

A couple months ago I had the opportunity to work with Skype again as part of the Skype City Sights photography collaboration, where four bloggers from around the world shared different aspects of their cities. It was interesting to talk with these girls in real time using video calling, video messaging and group chat. I shared my favorite places in Guadalajara with them and with the entire Skype community.

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Skype plays such an important role in people’s lives by shortening the distance between them. I often use Skype to communicate with friends who live in other countries. Once when I was in Paris, and I had a problem with my credit card, Skype helped me contact my bank and resolve it. It’s an honor to work with a company that has for many years been a part of my daily life.

As a Skype Ambassador, I look forward to sharing pictures of special moments, travel and experiences that bring flavor to my life.

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