Travel Delays? You’re never stranded with Skype

Travel delays are unfortunately an inevitable part of travel. But with Skype, travel delays don’t have to hamper productivity or communications with loved ones and colleagues.

Skype can help the stranded traveler create a mobile office with a few clicks of your mouse or a couple taps on your mobile phone. Volcano-induced travel hold-ups might leave travelers uncomfortably stranded in an airport terminal somewhere between home and the middle of nowhere, but with international calling, Skype Wifi, and free group video calling it turns out that home isn’t really that far away.

travel delays

With cheap international calls, weary travelers can call home from the gate of a suspended flight, or from the base of a volcano if feeling adventurous. The latter of the two, is of course, not advised.

And if your manager doesn’t believe you’re stranded, switch over to a video call to prove the delays by having him or her count the number of rings beneath your tired eyes and empty cups of coffee in your makeshift airport cubicle.

But a lack of sleep should be the least of your worries.

With Skype Wifi, you can rest assured that your access to the World Wide Web won’t be inhibited by the sometimes chancy internet connections of your temporary host location. And it’s convenient – Skype Wifi is available at over 2 million Wifi hotspot enabled locations worldwide. Forget about registration forms and fumbling with your credit card, Skype Wifi is directly linked to your Skype profile and Skype credit, so whenever Skype detects the available hot spot, you’re ready to get started.

Additionally, if you happen to have delays that require checking into a hotel room, you can breathe an additional sigh of relief by knowing that group video calling is free. So you don’t have to cancel your big budget meeting tomorrow morning.

Travel-disrupting activity might be rare, but delays are inevitable parts of the global workplace. While Skype can’t predict natural disasters and shifting plane schedules, we can definitely help travelers relax with the fact that family and the office are only a Skype call away.

Just make sure you have the latest version of Skype on your mobile phone so you can switch devices after that inevitable moment when your laptop battery is dwindling and every last wall-outlet is taken.